Friday, September 5, 2008

Color Study & FFAW

Color Study of Molly - oil on museum board 14" x 9".

This is from a 3-hour session. Another quick photo, sorry - there's glare coming off the wet paint. It is intentionally low contrast, though. You would think I would want a darker background so her pale skin tones would really pop, but I have a particular atmosphere in mind. I really didn't try very hard with her features or proportions, as you see. It's more comic-book scale here at 7 1/2 heads high or thereabout. Nevertheless, this is what I need for the bigger painting in terms of color. I wanted to work out the edge planes and flat light against the light neutral, as well as incorporate some of the atmosphere in the skin tones themselves. It was fun to do, and Molly is fun to work with. I hope to see her back this winter & I wish her the best in her cross country trek. I might need her anyway, should I run into trouble with the final piece.

Tonight is First Friday. Come by if you can!

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