Friday, August 1, 2008

Long Island Maine

From the top:
  • My daughter swimming at Sandy Beach. Seriously, she would swim for 6 hours a day, I kid you not. (Note: I took a lot of family pictures, but I'm not posting them here. If anyone asks, I will, but I try not to make a habit of publicizing too much personal stuff online.)
  • Fowler's Beach with sun breaking through. Love the specular highlights on the dark water!
  • Friday began with some super-dense fog. It made these rocks at Shark Cove look otherworldly. But, when it finally broke I painted...
  • Vaill Island - oil on linen panel, 8" x 10". Vaill is the barrier island on the south side of Long Island. It allows Sandy Beach to stay sandy and not erode away to granite slabs.

Like now, the weather was wet at times, but we managed to get on the beach all 7 days, regardless. The house, "Captain's Quarters" was just off the Harbor of Grace, so water was a 3 minute walk. Most of the time we puttered around in our golf cart, which is the standard mode of transit on the island. It is customary to wave to everyone you see. They will wave back if they are Islanders or regular Island-goers.

What a relaxing time. My wife, the kids and I all recharged our batteries, and could have easily stayed another week. Next year, we will block 2 weeks out, if possible. As I'd said, the weather made painting a bit spotty, but I ended up coming away with something that I feel really captures the place. I also have a slew of photos, and some have the potential to be paintings themselves. It is not difficult to get back there on a weekend, as it's only a $10, 50-minute ferry ride. In fact, I'm sure the future holds some more Long Island Maine paintings from yours truly.


Diana Gibson said...

Hey there! Your trip sounds awesome! I will be in Stonington very soon and from what I am hearing there has been a lot of heavy fog along the coast. Hopefully that has moved out and will be sunny for the rest of the summer! :) Thanks so much for your kind words on my recent paintings. Your words are very encouraging and motivating! THANK YOU! :) Hope you are doing well and painting your heart out. Stop by my blog soon. I should have some new images and philosophical ramblings up shortly! Take care.

Martha Miller said...

Beautiful seascape, Rob! (Monhegan, Monhegan, Monhegan)

(That's not me pestering you again to do the Carina Residency - that's just a little subliminal messaging...)

Sounds like a great get away!