Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Still Sipping Summer

Chenin Blanc: Kettle Cove - oil on board 7.5" x 8.5"

Just got back this weekend from Long Island (Maine, NOT New York - which I still feel I have to clarify since I'm from the latter, originally) and it was just fantastic. Of course, we're thrust into real life right quick, and there's tons of stuff on various plates that we must spin like circus preformers. Nevertheless, the week away was well worth it: much wine was sipped beachside, and much swimming and relaxing did also commence. I will post more on it soon; I have a painting to scan. I tried for three, but rain and poor light caused two of them to flop. I nailed the third on our last full day, of course.

More soon. But, FYI:

5-8 PM

I hope to see you there! I can only be in attendance until 7:15 or so, then my lovely wife Danielle will be there to close. She is far prettier than me, so I'm happy to have her there in my stead

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