Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Well, I'm Back

Wow. What an incredible time! You can see by my face above that I was very happy to be in Bryce Canyon that day! As it turns out, my itinerary changed from my original plans (which weren't altogether solid, anyway). I ended up painting in the Tushar range, then at Bryce, then at Capitol Reef. My hiking took place in the lower parts of the Tushars (there was a lot of snow above 10,000 feet), Fairyland Canyon at Bryce, and the Cassidy Arch Trail at Capitol Reef.

I shot over 150 pictures, and I will sort through for the best shots to post here. My paintings just arrived back home via FedEx today, so I will get those scanned ASAP and post them. There's a lot to talk about regarding this trip, and at the moment, I cannot get into it as far as I'd like. And anyway, I plan to split up the entries into a couple/three parts, focusing on the three separate places where I concentrated my energies.

I would return in a heartbeat. I barely scratched the surface of what's out there. Just amazing...

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Martha Miller said...

Yup, you look healthy and happy! I look forward to seeing your photos and new work! It is an amazing terrain out there.