Thursday, May 1, 2008

Goin' Out West

Here's some photos from From the top:
Temple of the Moon - Capitol Reef N.P.
An amphitheater at Cedar Breaks.
Angels' Landing - Zion N.P.
The Tushar Mountains, just east of Beaver.

This is the spring vacation that I mentioned. I've been busy getting myself geared up for this trip, thus the lack of Blogger activity on my part. I wanted to finish everything on my plate at work, and have all necessary items (thank you, LL Bean) squared away before I go. Yes, I'm leaving tomorrow for Utah, flying into Vegas and driving northeast to Beaver, as my mom lives there. She has been a wilderness aficionado for 25 years, now, and is more than expert enough to be my guide to these amazing looking places. Yeah, my mom! You won't find too many 60 year old women who can go 2 weeks in the wilderness by themselves. And she does this kind of thing at least once a month. I do have my adventurous side, and this is where I get it from.

My intention is, in my usual metier, to do some plein air painting while there. I've sent my Open Box M (my pochade, or travel easel) ahead of me via FedEx, so the airlines won't lose it. I have ample linen panels, and I will hit an art store I found in Cedar City on the way north for any extra supplies. My box is not as portable as it could be, but a lot of the places you see here are merely short hikes (save the mountain peaks), so I think it's doable.

I also intend to do some serious hiking/climbing while there. Angels' Landing, which you see above, looks like a spectacular climb. No, not the face, that ridge on the side. I'm no technical climber. My mom also knows of places in the high desert that are hardly ever visited, but are nonetheless spectacular. It takes a full day to hike into these places, but I'm into it, if time allows. The painting comes first. I'm shooting for three solid studies.

This is going to be intense. I have never seen the like of this kind of landscape, so it's a great opportunity. Wish me luck in painting!

I will be "off the grid" for the duration, but I'll try and post some images a few days after I return.


Martha Miller said...

hey, rob - happy trails! look forward to seeing your new paintings! your mom sounds VERY cool...


JenMarie said...

have a great time! that area of the country is really gorgeous and I'm sure it'll provide great inspiration.