Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where Is This?

Well, I think most Portlanders know that this is Back Cove. I mean, where is this painting? This is Anar the Golden, oil on panel 9" x 12" (I was giving things a lot of Tolkien names at the time). I sold it 2 years ago, along with a number of other paintings in a number of shows at Jameson Gallery (in its previous incarnation). This very low-res picture is the only thing I have of it. I don't know who bought it.

I've learned a couple of things from this period. One is to catalogue everything immediately. There is a whole series of pieces that I sold in one shot, and I have no reproduction whatsoever. Thankfully, I know who has them, but it would be a disturbance to him, and an expense to me were I to borrow them, take them out of their frames, photograph them, and re-frame them. I should probably do this anyway, but it could have easily been avoided. Other pieces, like the one above, are just plain gone, in a private home or office, or who knows where. I really wish I had some good photos or slides of these for my portfolio. Yes, it could have been worse, I could have lost them in a fire, like what happened to Martha, but for me it was too much rushing to get the pieces framed and into shows that robbed me of the time to properly record them. It was my fault. So the other thing I learned is: finish before the deadline, not on it.

If anyone has seen this painting, or one like it, let me know. I may need to stop by and photograph it. I'll bring a bottle of wine for your troubles.


Martha Miller said...

Rob, you can take all your framed work to Jay York at Affordable Photo on Wilmot Street. He has a set-up to shoot pictures through glass. (Are they under glass? or just framed?)

Rob S. said...

Thanks, Martha! That's perfect for what I need. Yes, the pieces to which I'm referring are under museum glass. They are framed so nicely, I am loathe (and a little afraid) to disturb them. I'll get on this next week. I can't wait for you to see these images. They sprung from one of my better concepts to date.