Friday, January 25, 2008

Show Tonight @ drawing room

So I ended up submitting a study for "The Aerie" and a monochromatic demo of Percy the Chinese horse (who lives on the front stoop of the house), the latter of which I did for some of my NHIA students. These small oils will be at drawing room tonight along with about 20 (give or take) other artists' works (one or two pieces each).

I will make another post about life drawing this weekend (I think.. I'm a bit booked), but suffice to say, I have attended the past 2 weeks and it's always worthwhile. Hopefully, attendance will stay up so Alex can keep it running.

So, tonight! Beer, wine and et cetera plus LOTS of art. 142 High Street near the corner of Congress. Studios 532/533. Hope to see lots of cool folks in attendance.

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Birdie said...

What an excellent show this was!