Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Projects

Is anyone is ever going to read this thing? I wonder. I know that current opinion has come around to the conclusion that blogging is no longer cool - rather, it's self-indulgent. That said, I have to ponder the worth of this medium.

Well, I shall soldier on for a little while longer. Funny, I think I planted a suggestion in my own head with that last post in that I engaged in a bit of "Artist's Way"-style cathartic writing the other night. I was a bit morose in regard to the current state of things at my workplace. That being, the new year is already starting off with a "bbbth" rather than a "bang" as regards the concepting phase of what we do. It's basically the same old thing. I came to the realization that I really have zero room to stretch on the job, and that I must exercise this elsewhere. I will always continue to put out professional-looking work, but the fact is, I am just a solid pair of hands with a brush (or Wacom, depending) for the company. I must accept this as my reality, and move on. But the other night, I had to write it out in a rant of self-examination regarding my artistic state of mind. It helped, oddly enough. But I didn't re-read it, I just tucked it in the pages of Andy Wyeth's bio and will probably forget about it (I read that book around 5 times).

So, I was at Berehaven most of Saturday, and I completed the preliminary work on "Gnomon." (If you want to know what that is, you have to come visit me, or wait 'til it's done.) I have this unusual (perhaps) practice of naming a piece before I even begin, because it allows me to develop a narrative in my head as the painting progresses. It keeps me interested and "inside" the painting, if you will. I've gridded it up from a plein air study, old-school style. If I had my druthers, I would do this 100% of the time, as it really completes the vision when one revisits it in paint, rather than, say, having the source material be purely photographic. A certain kind of translation needs to happen there, and often, one can misinterpret the mechanical facts of what the camera sees.

I'm also submitting an oil study and perhaps a drawing to drawing room for the next show there. I'm hopeful that some of my students and friend-artists will do likewise. $100 takes it! That's damn cheap compared to what my former gallery charged for my work! I'm happy to show there, though. It's a great thing to have in this town.

Okay, time to imbibe some more Chateau de L'Abbaye de Saint-Ferme . It says its a Bordeaux Superieur, and it is lends credibility to the title. Perhaps a bit much Cab Franc in the palate leadoff, but for 10 bucks, I can't expect the weight of a classified growth. It's just that I'm achy from playing mixed doubles this afternoon (I got roped into the Leagues again), and I need some liquid joint-loosener, if you get me. Cheers!

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