Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Knee Deep in The Final Stretch

Well, there's been a good break in posting here, but it's essentially because I am now in my Thesis semester and all my energies are being dedicated towards that big 'ol document (there is very little studio time to be had at this point). I had considered posting it in installments here as a WIP, but that seemed a little foolish, considering the major alterations that will take place until the final is released in November.

I do have some images to post that I didn't get around to before the last residency. Those will be forthcoming.

There will also be new paintings that will accompany the thesis, but they are only in development right now, and will manifest only after the writing is near-completed.

In the meantime:

(apologies to Oglaf.com for the appropriation -- though it IS appropriate)

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