Monday, September 29, 2008

Figuring it out / FFAW October

Anna - Ebony pencil on paper, 14"x17"

Forgive the pun in the title, but the double meaning does have relevance, actually. I just sold the painting from this post, and it went to someone who really understood the piece. That makes it easier to let go. As I'd said in that post, I felt it was rather successful, and wanted to study people's reactions a bit more to really understand why. I think I know, and I'm undertaking a new tack in exploring this area. Obviously, it's figurative - specifically - female nudes in landscapes. But the intention is to make them more iconic, more allegorical without being terribly obvious about it. I'm sure there will be hits and misses in terms of what will make these pieces work, but I'm going to take a gamble.

Tonight is First Friday! Please come on by, if you can. I'll be there with wine and beer and you can drink and watch me draw. Entertainment and free drinks - does it get any better? :)

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