Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Terra Verte

American Mansard - oil on board, 9" x 12". A plein air piece that got considerably touched up in the studio.

The earth IS green right now, as a lush Spring moves into Summer. Amazing how quick it all happens.

I wanted to post something about what happened when I finally got out from under all my direct influences, as it was a crossroads for me. (A fellow painter reminded me of this with her post regarding the same issue, yet she is in the midst of it). But, work is nuts-o-rama this week - more than it has been in months, honestly. And once I get home, I'm in computer-avoidance mode, as I'm stuck in Adobe Illustrator all damn day.

Stay tuned - just a couple more days I will post my tale... I hope.

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Jenniferartist said...

Better to paint than to Blog....! Use the left over energy (if there is even an inkling of leftover energy) to set up your easel at a calm place with a good view and once the easel is set up you just might start painting. Bring something old that needs work to get warmed up or do an abstract under painting just for the fun of swashbuckling the brush around the canvas. Gets the energy going. You will forget about being pinned to the computer if you do something for your love of the game. ~Jenniferartist