Sunday, June 29, 2008

1st First Friday!!!

My lack of blogging activity is because I've been busy preparing for this!

Portland's First Friday Artwalk is always fun: a great opportunity for savvy art buyers, networking, and just a plain old good time to meet fellow art lovers. I plan to have a nice spread. If you know me at all, I will not skimp on the wine. Of course, there will be lots of art on display, the majority of which will be for sale! There are exciting new things, rare older things, and stuff in between. I'm even planning to have a print rack with some good, affordable giclees.

So, please come on by this Independence Day anytime between 5 and 9 PM and we'll toast to good art and a wonderful summer for us all!

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Martha Miller said...

Hi Rob

Congratulations on your 1st First Friday! I will be out of town, otherwise I'd definitly drop in! Maybe next month? I'm planning to come to the Monday night drawing group soon. Can't tonight - getting my prints ready for installation tomorrow! I have to paint the space first...
Have fun drawing tonight!

Martha Miller said...


You HAVE to get in on this conversation!!!